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The New Standard in Farm Apps Milk Recording Feature

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AgriNet HerdApp is The New Standard in Farm Apps

AgriNet have launched a brand new farm management app that allows for cross compliance & inspections. Also known as Irish Farm Computers, AgriNet was formed in 1997 and have over 20 years’ experience in Farming Software.

Most dairy farmers across the country at the moment are probably planning their last milk recording of the year in the coming weeks. Decisions will be made on cull cows, perhaps even more under the microscope than in other years with fodder tight for some this winter, for most there won’t be any passengers.

HerdApp's live link between ICBF ensures all information flows seamlessly between the two, meaning all historic & up to date milk recordings come down to HerdApp automatically. The same day you get your text highlighting the high SCC cows in your herd, the milk recording report will be uploaded to HerdApp.

From here you can view and filter all aspects of the milk recording report- for example you can sort by KGs milk solids, % fat or yield. In your ‘jobs list’ menu, cows with SCC over 200 will be highlighted so you don’t have to trawl through reams of information to find problem cows, they are presented to you directly from ICBF. 

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Posted on Friday, 2 November 2018  |  By Progressive Genetics

The New Standard in Farm Apps Bord Bia Inspections

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AgriNet HerdApp is The New Standard in Farm Apps

The stress and hassle of Bord Bia inspections can be easily avoided with the use of HerdApp from AgriNet. As mentioned previously HerdApp focuses on three main functions – Breeding & AI (which is sponsored by Progressive Genetics and completely free to all Irish farmers), Drugs & Farm reports.

Because HerdApp has a live link with ICBF, all data flows seamlessly throughout all devices associated with your herd number. This means, if you have a relief milker, calf rearer or general labourer on your farm you will always be compliant for inspections. It doesn’t matter who administers an injection to a sick calf, or batch doses the maiden heifers, everyone with access to the app can record these administrations and everyone else will know which animal has received remedies.

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Posted on Monday, 26 November 2018  |  By Progressive Genetics