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Milk Pregnancy Testing Farmer Comment

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Trusted in Ireland and around the Globe with 30,000,000 tests carried out worldwide!

Farmer use of Milk Pregnancy Testing has been increasing year on year, for a variety of reasons, see real farmer comments below: 

William Griffin, dairying the Carlow side of the Carlow Wicklow border, says “The test is great and non-intrusive, with no added stress for cows or me! Anything that saves labour, is a plus in my book!”




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Posted on Thursday, 2 July 2020  |  By Progressive Genetics

What can a herd management app do for you

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What can a herd management app do for you?

Things on farm are now ticking over nicely. Some silage has been made and hopefully there’s more plenty more fodder to be harvested. A lot of farmer’s are well into breeding season, AI might still be ongoing or maybe the stockbull is running with the herd now.



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Posted on Friday, 3 July 2020  |  By Progressive Genetics

Less Stress and More Success AgriNet HerdApp makes Bord Bia Audits Easier

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When it comes to paperwork and record keeping a lot of farmers feel it isn’t what they want to spend time at. However, record keeping is an essential part of a farmers business and accuracy here can and does lead to increased efficiency and production.

HerdApp can help. All your herd information is auto-populated to your HerdApp thanks to the live link with ICBF.

All your herd information is just a simple tap away on your phone in the yard/field, in the house on a tablet or laptop or on the son’s or daughter’s phone in college! HerdApp runs on a range of devices. This means you can record an animal treatment wherever you want.



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Posted on Monday, 13 July 2020  |  By Progressive Genetics

Beef Sires Progeny Pictures and Free Draw

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We really appreciate the time that our customers take to send us in progeny pictures.

A great animal can look poor in a badly taken photo use the below guide to enable you to take better photos.

Price fund of €500! 



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Posted on Monday, 27 July 2020  |  By Progressive Genetics