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New Dairy Sires Catalogue 2019

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Our New Dairy Catalogue is now available online. 

Based on the latest figures, we have 5 of the top 6 Dairy Sires on the active list, the No.1 Jersey available, plus the No.1 Irish Daughter Proven Bull featuring top sires, bull teams, high EBI sires, British Friesian sires, High Type sires, Jersey sires, Crossbred sires, Sexed semen sires, Beef sires (Angus, Hereford, Belgian Blue, Limousin & Simmental sires), Heat Detection Aids including MOOCALL HEAT & more!

All bull figures are based on the latest proofs from ICBF, December 2018.

High EBI

We have the Top 5 of the top 6 bulls on active list, including:

  • (IG) OLCASTLETOWN RONALDO FR2298 with an EBI of €308 & a Milk Production Sub-Index of €101 (28kgs ms)

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Posted on Thursday, 20 December 2018  |  By Progressive Genetics

New Catalogue Crossbreeding Sires 2019

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We are pleased to present to you our new Xbred catalogue, "Crossbreeding Sires 2019", hard copies will be available in early January and if you would like one posted out to you please feel free to get in touch. 
The "Crossbreeding Sires 2019" features a wide range of bulls, from across the globe, primarily New Zealand, Denmark and Ireland. 

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Posted on Friday, 21 December 2018  |  By Progressive Genetics

HerdApp Going from Strength to Strength

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AgriNet’s HerdApp is now entering its second Spring on the market and already has thousands of Irish Farmers using the app. The true value of HerdApp is really coming to the fore, as HerdApp the New Standard in Farm Management Software, is enabling Irish farmers to farm smart, particularly as they start to prepare for a busy Spring.

Farmer feedback is really important to the AgriNet team, as is continued improvement of HerdApp, looking at the app as it stands currently, Cork dairy farmer Denis Finnegan of Lee Valley Farm (Herd pictured below at grass last June), says that HerdApp is "simple to use" has "excellent reports that you can multi filter on" and a "live link to ICBF which makes it easy to access your milk and EBI data". "I see it (HerdApp) as a management tool on the farm, it's a bonus that it does all your compliance as well!" (follow Denis on Twitter here).




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Posted on Thursday, 10 January 2019  |  By Progressive Genetics

Automate Heat detection with Moocall HEAT

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Progressive Genetics are supplying the Moocall HEATs, you can order from today (with a deposit). Moocall HEAT is a one stop shop heat detection system for the largest of dairy farms to small scale part-time suckler farms, Moocall HEAT is the complete package from the collar for the bull to the App: Breedmanager, this exciting new system has been designed for Irish farmers.

How does it work?

The collar is worn by a vasectomised bull (teaser bull) and Moocall eartags are attached to all cows and heifers. The collar then uses cow/bull proximity, mounting behaviour and bull activity levels to determine to an extremely high level of accuracy when a cow or a heifer is in heat. 
Pic: Vasectomised bull fitted with the demo version during trials. 

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Posted on Monday, 14 January 2019  |  By Progressive Genetics

Beef and Dairy new proofs January 2019

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We have updated all the figures on our website, after the latest proof run (ICBF, January 2019).


After the latest Dairy AI bull proofs, we are delighted to announce we have 5 of the top 6 bulls on the Active Bull List, including number one Nextgen PHC Eimer 557 FR2460.


Beef Sires (Beef Bulls Active List - Replacement Index)

No. 1 Salers sire, Beguin SA4059

No. 1 Limousin sire, Castleview Gazelle ZAG 

No. 1 Simmental sire, Lisnacrann Fifty Cent SI2469



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Posted on Tuesday, 22 January 2019  |  By Progressive Genetics

New Catalogue Beef Sire Catalogue January 2019

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We are excited to bring you our latest Beef Catalogue (based on the latest proofs from ICBF, January 2019) featuring bulls over 50 bulls plus others on Replacement listings (there are over 200 on our website), All Bulls featured in our new catalogue are BDGP qualified for general usage (4 or 5 star, within or across breed for Terminal or Replacement Index). 

Featuring top sires:

  • No. 1 bull on the Replacement Index, Knottown Roy SA4604 with a Replacement Index, €275 
  • Castleview Gazelle ZAG, No. 1 Limousin bull available on Replacement Index, €170
  • Serpentin ZSD, No. 1 Beef Sire across all breeds on Carcass Conformation
  • Lisnacrann Fifty Cent SI2469, the No. 1 Simmental on the Replacement Index
  • And Many more!



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Posted on Friday, 1 February 2019  |  By Progressive Genetics


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Project500 looks at how cattle breeding can be used to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from dairy production. The aim should be to produce an excellent quality product for the minimum GHG impact.

As one of the biggest emissions from dairy farming comes in the form of methane from rumen fermentation a key target is to get as much output from each cow as possible. However, this needs to be done using the minimum imported meal and silage, both of which have a higher GHG footprint than grazed grass. The keys to achieving this high output is a cow capable of calving early in the spring, having a long and productive lactation and going back in calf easily for next year. This is the essence of a high EBI cow.

The good news for farmers is the cows that are best from a GHG viewpoint are also best for profitability. Calving early, producing high volumes of fat and protein and staying in the herd.

Dam of Waterwheel Winston FR4515

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Posted on Monday, 4 February 2019  |  By Progressive Genetics

Myostatin Gene

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The Myostatin (MH) gene is a recessive gene found in all mammals & influences the production of a protein that controls muscle development. Natural mutations cause a deletion in the bovine myostatin so the muscles keep growing, resulting in the double-muscled phenotype.

Delure BB4498 like most Belgian Blues carries two copies of nt821.

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Posted on Tuesday, 5 February 2019  |  By Progressive Genetics

MooCall HEAT SPECIAL OFFER for February

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MooCall Heat is a game changer for Suckler & Dairy herds, in terms of automating heat detection in a cost effective & practical way.
Moocall HEAT texts when your cow enters a standing heat! Save 100s of hours and know exactly when to perform AI.

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Posted on Wednesday, 6 February 2019  |  By Progressive Genetics

Management of Dairy Cows from Calving until Mating Start Date

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Dr. Shane Leane PhD is part of the Progressive Genetics team, in the role of Dairy Specialist, Shane joined Progressive Genetics having completed a PhD in herd fertility, as well as having managed the Moorepark Curtins dairy herd. He has a wealth of knowledge in dairy systems, fertility management and crossbreeding.

Good fertility and compact calving are essential to maximise grass utilisation and farm profit. The target is to have 90% of the herd calved within 42 days from the planned start of calving and all cows calved by mating start date (MSD).



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Posted on Friday, 8 February 2019  |  By Progressive Genetics

Phase Two Johnes Control Programme 2019

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Phase two of the Irish Johne’s control programme commenced on 1st January 2019.

Milk recording is ideally suited to testing for Johnes as the same milk sample can be used in the laboratory to test for Johnes.

During Phase One of the scheme two test samples were required by the farmer which made it very difficult for the farmer to satisfy the 90 day TB test rule. However, with Phase Two farmers needs only ONE milk sample per animal per lactation to satisfy the requirements of the scheme (the 90 day TB test rule still applies). 




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Posted on Wednesday, 20 February 2019  |  By Progressive Genetics

Quality Beef Sires for the Dairy Herd 2019

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We have a wide selection of Beef bulls available, across breeds, fulfilling distinct farmer requirements with more and more focus on quality.

Sires like:

  • Maximise Calf & Carcass Value - Belgian Blues Rachid BB2083 & Ideal BB4286, Hereford pair Handsome SPL (limited) & Advance HE4291 and Angus sires Master AA2309 & Man Oh Man AA4087 (AA4087 is a double muscle carrier).

Ideal BB4286, is 6.7% CD at 84% reliability, plus he's -0.7 days for gestation. 



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Posted on Thursday, 14 March 2019  |  By Progressive Genetics

How this Co. Laois farmer went from 315kg to 520kg of milk solids in 5 years

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In 2013, Martin Davin’s herd produced 315kg of milk solids; in 2017, 504kg were produced and in 2018, 520kg were. This huge improvement was achieved with a simple grass-based system and moderate meal feeding.

We recently spoke with Martin to get his story.

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Posted on Friday, 15 March 2019  |  By Progressive Genetics

Achieving 2,000kg of milk solids per ha with a low-cost system in Laois

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The Duggans run a streamlined, low-cost, spring-calving operation on the undulating slopes of south-east Laois.

Eamonn Duggan has been farming full-time here since he was 16 and has witnessed some dramatic changes to the farm over the years.

Eamonn is very focused on his low-cost system, where he grows lots of grass and has a fertile, high-solids cow to enable maximum returns.

The herd boasts an 88% six-week calving rate and 476kg of milk solids sold; when you remove culled cows that are often carried over to June, the figure is 500kg.

The farm is now made up of two main enterprises, the first being the milking cows. The herd will consist of 144 cows and heifers this year – up from the 70 or so cows that would have been milked here in the mid-2000s.



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Posted on Wednesday, 27 March 2019  |  By Progressive Genetics

Are you ready for Breeding 2019

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With the breeding season fast approaching on most farms, Progressive Genetics sat down with Shane Leane to find out what issues are on the minds of farmers at this critical time of year.

Shane has a PhD in dairy cow fertility and was manager of the Teagasc Curtins farm before joining Progressive Genetics.

Bull Teams

A good deal of farmers have picked their bull teams for the coming season.

“EBI and milk solids are the main criteria more than ever,” according to Shane. Farmers are seeing the effects of breeding for better fertility through more cows calving in the first six weeks of the calving season.

This is pushing output from longer lactations. Shane says this extra volume of cows calving is putting pressure on farmers, but easy calving and a robust cow type helps.

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Posted on Tuesday, 16 April 2019  |  By Progressive Genetics

Compact Calving Driving Production

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This is a piece by Emma Gilsenan which recently featured on Agriland here.

The calving pattern on farms is what sets the top-performing herds apart from the lower-performing herds, in terms of maximising milk output from grazed grass.

Speaking at a recent breeding information event, Shane Leane – breeding advisor with Progressive Genetics – discussed why having a compact calving pattern is so important for your farm.



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Posted on Tuesday, 16 April 2019  |  By Progressive Genetics

Agriland Dairy focus Video reveals the ins and outs of fresh semen

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Emma Gilsenan, Dairy Specialist with Agriland was out with us recently, the below piece by her, featured on Agriland.

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Posted on Tuesday, 21 May 2019  |  By Ross Hamilton

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