AgriNet Grass Meeting

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AgriNet Grass Meeting on Wednesday 29th of July at 8pm in the County Arms Hotel in Birr Co Offaly.

Jim Moyles from Teagasc will present at the same time as Barry Lynch from Agrinet. Barry will start by explaining how to use the smartphone software and some of the nice features such as the "Planner". Barry will then look at the main grass system starting with the grass wedge and ending with the autumn grass budget.

Jim will interlink and describe how the data can be turned in to profitable grass decisions. Jim will also describe some of the key grass targets that farmers should aim for at different times of the year. For example, when will we start building up covers for the autumn and what target dates and grass covers will we aim for.

AgriNet's new website:

An example of a grass wedge:

Which is also responsive to your device - smart phone friendly:

Check out the website here

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