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We have updated all the figures on our website, after the latest proof run.


After the latest Dairy AI bull proofs, we are delighted to announce we have 4 of the top 5 bulls on the Active Bull List.

Code Name EBI Reliability
FR2239 (IG) Diamond Anton €316 63%
FR2460 (IG) Nextgen PHC Eimer 557 €306 62%
FR2385 (IG) Nextgen YKG Candy 593 €303 62%
FR4021 (IG) Ballinteskin Arnold €299 59%


We also have:

the No.1 Jersey Bull on the active bull list: JE4289 Bradene Pas Triplestar €272 47%

2 of the top 3 Daughter Proven bulls available (DP-IRL) FR2036 (IG) Derrylamogue Vincent €268 78% and FR2031 (IG) Tisaxon Elmo €263 74%

Dam of Diamond Anton FR2239

Interestingly we also have the 5 highest bulls available for fertility: FR4021 Ballinteskin Arnold (€226), FR2460 (IG) Nectgen PHC Eimer 557 (€164), FR2036 (IG) Derrymalogue Vincent (€161), FR2385 (IG) Nextgen YKG Candy 593 (€160) & FR4197 (IG) Caliber Cordial (€154).

Beef on Dairy

The September run of the ICBF index has just been published:

Top 4/5 Angus sires on gestation length -all easy calving < 2.3%

Top 2/3 Angus on Terminal Index

Top 3/5 Hereford on gestation length, including the top 2 – all homozygous polled

No. 1 Hereford for calving ease – 2%


Suckler Sires

No. 1 and No. 2 sires on Replacement Index SA4604, AU4563

Top 4 Limousin on Replacement Index

3 of the top 10 Simmentals on Replacement Index

3 of the top 5 Charolais sires on Replacement Index

Castleview Gazelle ZAG, the go to Limousin bull for suckler maidens.


Posted on Tuesday, 11 September 2018  |  By Progressive Genetics
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