Beef and Dairy new proofs December 2018

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We have updated all the figures on our website, after the latest proof run (ICBF, Dec 2018).


After the latest Dairy AI bull proofs, we are delighted to announce we have 5 of the top 6 bulls on the Active Bull List.


Code Name EBI Reliability
FR2298 (IG) Olcastle Ronaldo €308 65%
FR4021 (IG) Ballinteskin Arnold €299 59%
FR2460 (IG) Nextgen PHC Eimer 557 €303 63%
FR2239 (IG) Diamond Anton €299 66%
FR2385 (IG) Nextgen YKG Candy 593 €293 63%

See these High EBI sires and more by clicking HERE, including new sires with EBI''s to €328!

We also have:

the No.1 Jersey Bull on the active bull list: JE4289 Bradene Pas Triplestar €280 48% (more Jersey's HERE)

the No.1 Irish Daughter Proven Bull on the active bull list: FR2036 (IG) Derrylamogue Vincent €277 80%

Dam of Diamond Anton FR2239


Beef Sires (Beef Bulls Active List - Replacement Index)

No. 1 Salers sire, Beguin SA4059

No. 1 Limousin sire, Castleview Gazelle ZAG (& No.2 Keltic Handsome OKH & No.3 Bavardage AGB)

No. 1 Simmental sire, Lis-Na-Ri Gucci SI4250 (& No.3 Lisnacrann Fifty Cent SI2469 & No.4 Auroch Deuter AHC)

Plus we have a number of sires well up on the active terminal list like First, Ross Alo, Artois, Fiston & Serpentin

See our nearly 200 beef sires HERE.

No.1 Simmental on the active bull list, Lis-Na-Ri Gucci SI4250, sired by Glebefarm Tyson off of a Seepa Teejay dam. 



We will have a new dairy catalogue in early January and a new beef catalogue in early February (beef will be after the January proof)

Posted on Thursday, 20 December 2018  |  By Progressive Genetics
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