Beef on Dairy May 2018

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We have a wide selection of Beef bulls available, across breeds, fulfilling distinct farmer requirements plus some of of new beef on dairy test sires.

Ticking various boxes: 

  • Short Gestation - Christon Elton AA2123 at -4.1 days, Maverick AA4088 -3.6 days, Matteo AA4089 -3.5, Nutcracker HE4298 -3.5, Northern Star HE4297 -3.0, amongst others. 
  • Easy calving - Maverick AA4088 (1.5% CD at 91% reliability) & Matteo AA4089 (1.4% CD at 90% reliability) 
  • Maximise Calf & Carcass Value - Rachid BB2083 (& he is 0.3 days), Ideal BB4286 (& he is -1.0 days), Gizmo RGZ (& he is -0.9 days) (limited), Kentucky Kid HE2043 (& he is -0.8 days)
  • Plus Beef Sires to produce Suckler Replacements, like Limousin sires; Knell LM4217 & Aherla K7 P (a hetero-polled Limousin) from the dairy herd.

See our Beef Sires for the Dairy Herd 2017 flyer here.

The flier also contains some our Best Beef on Dairy Test Panel to date, we expect the full panel to feature 12 NEW sires across 4 breeds! 


Some of the new beef on dairy test sires available are:

Moorside 1 Panda (P) HE4643, bred for calving ease and short gestation from Moorside 1 Joseph's 3/4 sister. An excellent quality well-muscled thick bull. Selected for easy calving & short gestation with good quality.

Gabriel Pat AA4631, a Te Mania Emperor son with three generations easy calving and short gestation in the pedigree.  Born early with a low birth weight. Selected for easy calving and short gestation. 

Sallowglen Jamie AA4632, three generations of easy calving and short gestation. Te Mania Berkley X Carrington Park Time On X Nightingale Papa. Selected for  easy calving and short gestation. 

Coolbanagher King BB4369, an Irish bred BB bull, RBX x S525 x TIY. Selected for the dairy herd.

Boroside Jagerbomb BB4324, Mannequin x Jackpot has an easy calving pedigree. Selected for the dairy herd.

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Posted on Thursday, 14 June 2018  |  By Progressive Genetics
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