Beef on Dairy Test Sires 2020

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We have a wide selection of Beef bulls available, across breeds, fulfilling distinct farmer requirements, here are some of our new beef on dairy test sires available today.

Drumcarbin Prince Mambo AA5479, sired by Rawburn Transformer, expected to be in the style of RGZ but time will tell! 

Barwise Ricochet HE5455, a homopolled Hereford sire, sired by Square-D Tortuga 953T the same sire as Northern Star HE4297 plus he is also related to GPZ! 

Netherhall Rafal HE6304, a heteropolled Hereford sire, Rafal was born at a very short gestation, it'll be interesting to see if his progeny are! Pictured below is Rafal's sire; Wirruna Katnook K74.

Marius BB5226 & Damoiseau BB5259, two exciting white Belgian Blue bulls, selected for the dairy herd.

Marius BB5226, Marius has some calves on the ground and he is currently -0.79 for gestation at 87% reliability (ICBF, May 2020).

Damoiseau BB5259

Our Beef on Dairy Sires tick various boxes: 

  • Short Gestation 
  • Easy calving 
  • Maximise Calf & Carcass Value
  • Plus Beef Sires to produce Suckler Replacements

See our Beef Sires for the Dairy Herd 2020 (March) flyer here.

Posted on Wednesday, 27 May 2020  |  By Progressive Genetics
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