Can an App tell you when your cow is going to calve

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An app from your smart phone can tell you when your cow is going to calve.

How can an app tell farmers when their cow will calve

AgriNet HerdApp has a live link with ICBF and farmers AI/breeding information comes direct to the Herdapp. No farmer input is needed.

If aAI technician is out to serve a cow, they input the information on a handheld devise which sends the information to ICBF. ICBF updates each night so this serve will then show up on AgriNet HerdApp and predict a dry off date and a calving date based on the AI serve information which automatically appears on your AgriNet Herdapp.

How is the calving due date calculated with an App?

18 days after an AI serve,with AgriNet HerdApp, the cow will show up in the 'due to repeat' list where she will stay from 18-24 days or whatever parameters the farmer sets. Once a cow gets to being served 28 days plus, she automatically moves to the 'due pregnancy test' list.

By looking up any individual cow on AgriNet HerdApp,a farmer can see her serve date, expected calving date and expected dry off date. All this information comes from data the AI technician inputs. For DIY AI that farmers do, they can easily record the serve on AgriNet HerdApp and get the same data from lists.

How accurate is the calving date on an App?

If scanning results are recorded or a milk pregnancy test complete on AgriNet HerdApp, a cow's calving date should be quite accurate. As the cow gets closer to that calving date, she will automatically show up in 'due to calve' list.

Useful ways AgriNet HerdApp shows calving reports

AgriNet HerdApp is always sorting data into useful list's and reports for farmers convenience. This can contribute to more informed decision making on farm.

This is an example of AgriNet HerdApp reporting a calving pattern in a useful way. It gives a week by week break down and splits into heifer and cows. The farmer can at a glance see when they may need to seek out labour.


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