Coloured Dairy Sires 2018

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We are pleased to present to you our latest dairy catalogue, "Coloured Dairy Sires 2018" catalogue", hard copies will be available in a week or so, if you would like one posted out to you please feel free to get in touch. The "Coloured Dairy Sires 2018" features a wide range of bulls with 8 breeds featured in total, Jerseys, Ayrshires, Scandinavian Reds, Shorthorns, Montbelairdes, MRI/Rotbunts, Fleckviehs and a Brown Swiss bull too, from across the globe; Denmark, Canada, the United Kingdom, Finland, Norway, Sweden, the United States of America, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Ireland. 

 Bulls that feature:

17 Jerseys featured two that stand out are:

VJ Quintana, who will be available sexed and is the No. 1 NTM Genomic sire in Denmark! 

VJ Huzar, who will be available sexed and is the No. 1 NTM Daughter Proven sire in Denmark, daughter pictured below.

There are 5 Ayrshires featured, Kamouraska Ultra a Canadian sire, is ticking all the boxes; high production, great longevity, good udder health and high protein percentages (dam below).

There are 5 Scandinavian Reds are featured, being a mix of Norwegian and Swedish, Skjenaust has over 460 daughters in Ireland, he's a Polled Red bull, with good protein percentages and superior daughter fertility (6 days better CI than their herdmates).

There are 3 Shorthorn sires are featured, including Ransboro Jigsaw from Glen Carter's Herd, who's dam and granddam are VG 88.

There are 7 Montbelairdes featured, Jordren is still the No. 1 MO in France on the ISU index, with high solids and good type. 

There are 9 MRI/Rotbunt DN featured, Moreno, a bull bringing strong components, good udders and solid Feet & Legs, dam pictured below.

There are 3 Fleckvieh (Dairy Simmental) featured, with Symposium new to the catalogue, he's daughter proven in Austria and is leaving moderately sized daughters with good solids and nice udders.

To finish off the catalogue we have a Brown Swiss bull, Simbaboy who is the top daughter proven Brown Swiss in Switzerland on Protein %.

So here it is! Coloured Dairy Sires 2018:

Check it out here. If you would like one posted to you in the coming weeks, let us know.
Posted on Tuesday, 21 November 2017  |  By Progressive Genetics
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