HerdApp Going from Strength to Strength

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AgriNet’s HerdApp is now entering its second Spring on the market and already has thousands of Irish Farmers using the app. The true value of HerdApp is really coming to the fore, as HerdApp the New Standard in Farm Management Software, is enabling Irish farmers to farm smart, particularly as they start to prepare for a busy Spring.

Farmer feedback is really important to the AgriNet team, as is continued improvement of HerdApp, looking at the app as it stands currently, Cork dairy farmer Denis Finnegan of Lee Valley Farm (Herd pictured below at grass last June), says that HerdApp is "simple to use" has "excellent reports that you can multi filter on" and a "live link to ICBF which makes it easy to access your milk and EBI data". "I see it (HerdApp) as a management tool on the farm, it's a bonus that it does all your compliance as well!" (follow Denis on Twitter here).

The AgriNet team are aware that if you are standing still you're going backwards, so there is a plan to bring more and more to the app. 

New Features

  1. HerdApp now has a new and improved home screen. HerdApp is very straightforward to use, with HerdApp everything is available right there on the home screen. Plus farmers know exactly what functions are free, and which ones we charge for. The top six icons can all be used completely free of charge (sponsored by us here at Progressive Genetics), and the bottom six are charged on a per herd size basis (if the farmer wishes to do so).


  1. Inspection reports run really well with HerdApp and are generated there and then, on the spot. Because HerdApp can be used on multiple devices such as phones/laptops/tablets/PCs you can view your Bord Bia reports easily and quickly. You can also email these reports from a phone/tablet or print them directly from your laptop or PC. We have a brand new icon which is simply labelled “Inspection Reports” – where you can instantly view your medicine & feed reports for cross compliance.


  1. The newest addition to our home screen is the Feed Store. Here you can record all feeds bought or grown on the farm. Enter the data in a matter of seconds and you’re Bord Bia compliant all the time. This is an extremely helpful tool to help plan for the year ahead. View how much meal/silage/maize etc. was purchased or grew (going forward) and will enable users to easily see where savings can be made or more value got in the future. 


  1. Save hours on paperwork every week with our very handy Ear Tag Scanner. Record a birth event in the yard (no WiFi/data needed!) in under a minute. Simply enter the cow’s last three or four digits, the sire of the calf comes up automatically if you have a serve recorded, scan the ear tag of the calf and select whether it is a male or female.  All that’s left to do is tag the calf. Simple. Straightforward. No nonsense.



Interested in seeing how HerdApp can make your life easier? It has many functions available not mentioned above such as Fertility Analysis of your herd, Calving Pattern, Milk Recording data, AI Serves, Movement Permits, Drug administrations & purchases. PLUS much, much more!

Text ‘SMART’ to 0876195575 to receive a call back from our Support Team. They can get you set up remotely, answer any questions or queries you have and get you confident in using HerdApp.

You can also download the app yourself for FREE and avail of one month free trial of the entire App, click respective link here: iPhone or Android 


To use the paid version, it is based on Herd Size:

Less than 50 animals: €50 per year

Between 50 – 150 animals: €100 per year

Over 150 animals: €150 per year.

All prices are inclusive of VAT & there are no hidden costs or surprises at the end of your subscription.

Posted on Thursday, 10 January 2019  |  By Progressive Genetics
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