Instant cow data through live ICBF link up with AgriNet HerdApp

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Farmers may not realise the advantages of having a live ICBF link up with AgriNet HerdApp. The first thing to understand is that the data sent goes two ways between HerdApp and ICBF. This gives the farmer more accurate live information for farm management and decision making. Below are some examples of the advantages of having this live data sharing link.


One set of data synced on HerdApp and ICBF has many advantages

  1. A herds milk recording records are available on HerdApp for a farmer to easily access when he/she chooses.

  2. Farmers can see a cows current production on the date of last recording (litres, kg/ms, %fat and % protein). Her lactation to date and her 305 day projection can also be seen by a few screen touches on the smartphone app.

  3. HerdApp cleverly displays SCC values in a colour coded system (GREEN, ORANGE and RED). At a glance, a farmer can recognise a trend on a specific cow or can easily identify high SCC cows from the recording. This can help lead on to SDCT (Selective Dry Cow Therapy).

  4. Records such as milk recording, AI serves, weights, and body condition scoring comes in automatically and instantly from AgriNet HerdApp to ICBF. If you make changes on ICBF, that change comes into AgriNet HerdApp and vice versa.

  5. Imagine a cow served two days in a row to different sires that resulted in twin calves. These half siblings can be registered with AgriNet HerdApp as the same dam different sire.

  6. Imagine another example where Farmer Joe updates ICBF with an AI serve and breeding details. This information then syncs back to AgriNet HerdApp.

  7. Farmers have commented when moved onto AgriNet Herd App that they noticed that weights and serves are syncing better with HerdApp.


More powerful reporting with HerdApp

  1. Whilst some farm management apps only allow farmers to access limited milk recording data, AgriNet HerdApp allows farmers to access full milk recording, all data with multiple reports instantly.

  2. For a 10th calver, AgriNet HerdApp will have her entire history - 10 lactations of milk recording results.

  3. AgriNet HerdApp provides more information than just a text message update. Farmers have instant access to the full milk report and the cows full history.

  4. If a farmer receives a text message at 7.10am indicating their high cell count cows, with HerdApp the farmer can log in and see the full milk report. Other farm management apps only shows the 5 highest cows.

  5. If a farmer buys in a cow who has been milk recorded they can see this information on Agrinet HerdApp and also any serve information that exists on ICBF.


Why do farmers need to enter their ICBF password when signing up to AgriNet HerdApp?

Answer : To make life easier.

AgriNet Herdapp has a live link with ICBF. This means when a farmer signs up to AgriNet HerdApp he/she needs to authorise their information to flow between the two. This only needs to be done at the beginning when the farmer is registering with HerdApp. Then the farmers signs into HerdApp and all their herd information will have auto-populated.

AgriNet assisting Irish farmers manage herds for almost 30 years

AgriNet HerdApp is the new standard in farm herd management designed to link your herd directly to ICBF and Agfood from your smartphone. It’s all about speed and simplicity and getting all the basics done quickly while outside. AgriNet Herd App is owned by Irish Farm Computers Ltd, based in Co. Meath who own AgriNet Herd Master the PC version of the herd management software. AgriNet have been catering to farmers herd management needs for the last 26 years. AgriNet have built up a quality team of customer support and sales staff along with a loyal customer base. Farmers can be reassured that HerdApp is tried, tested & trustworthy.

Milk Recording.


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