Irish High EBI Bulls Head to Tasmania

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Tasmania here we come:

This week Violet Nevin and Kieran Shields, travelled to Tasmania to begin to build a dairy semen business for NCBC/Ireland Genetics UK in Australia with some top-class High EBI Irish Bulls. Violet and Kieran have 40+ years AI technician experience between them, plus experience as breeding advisors. Violet has also worked as an AI Technician in Tasmania for 5 years and Kieran has also worked there previously too. 

We have chosen to begin with Tasmania because for a number of years now some Progressive Genetics and Munster AI (our 50:50 shareholders) technicians have built up strong relationships with some dairy farmers in Tasmania, where they went there to carry out inseminations in the Autumn time.

Why Tasmania?

Tasmania is about the same size as Ireland with a population of only 510,000 people. It has a mild, temperate maritime climate, with four distinct seasons. During summer (December to February) the average maximum temperature is 21° Celsius, while through winter (June to August) the average maximum is 12° C with an average minimum of 4° C. So it is a great grass growing region.

The Catalogue

  • Contains a summary & overview of EBI
  • A summary of our Breeding Programme
  • High EBI bulls
  • Two in-depth interviews with farmers
  • Quality control of semen
  • And much more!

The progeny of the NCBC bulls will feel right at home there.

Link to the new Tasmania/Australia Catalogue here & view on issu here.


Posted on Friday, 26 June 2015  |  By Progressive Genetics
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