Limousin and Charolais Sires for the Future

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Looking at our range of beef on beef sires, there are hugely popular bulls, we always have to be on the eye out for the next Gazelle ZAG or Handsome OKH, the next Fiston FSZ or Fenian LZF, whom have over 120,000 calves registered by them out of suckler cows! 

See our new Charolais and Limousin Sires below, 3 of whom are polled. 

Charolais Sires For the Future: 

Polled: CH5482 Demon, a homozygous polled Charolais, Champion at the National show in his home country Czech republic in 2018 & Junior Champion Simagena show in Paris 2019, has a strong sire stack of proven bulls.

Demon is a long, correct bull, his pedigree boasts a strong sire stack of proven bulls, why not start your polled programme today?

Check him out here.


Polled CH6175 Neron Pp, a heterozygous polled Charolais, purchased from a performance centre in France where he outperformed his contempories!

This is a powerful, long and shapy bull. Bull for shape and weight, why not start your polled programme today?

Check him out here.


Limousin Sires For the Future: 


Noob LM5608 is a new bloodline for Ireland, a well-muscled bull bred on same farm as Rocky. Good temperament. Plus like Lodge Hamlet he is a nt821 carrier. Bull for shape. Check him out here.


Polled Nessy Pp LM5596 is a new heterozygous polled Limousin, a grandson of the renowned Tigris, Nessy is a well-balanced correct bull with good temperament. Easy calving pedigree, why not start your polled programme today?

Check him out here.


LM5422 Marcus a complete bull, high in both terminal and maternal traits. Exceptional sire stack of proven sires – Ampertaine Commander, Goldies Terence, Ronick Hawk and Eleazer. Check him out here.


 One of the main benefits of AI is been able to use a range of sires across your herd, so why not dabble a little?


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