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Trusted in Ireland and around the Globe with 30,000,000 tests carried out worldwide!

Farmer use of Milk Pregnancy Testing has been increasing year on year, for a variety of reasons, see real farmer comments below: 

William Griffin, dairying the Carlow side of the Carlow Wicklow border, says “The test is great and non-intrusive, with no added stress for cows or me! Anything that saves labour, is a plus in my book!”

Fran Allen is milking a split calving pedigree Holstein herd in Ballitore, Co. Kildare. “I do the test through my milk recordings, so all I have to do is get a list of the cows! There is no hassle, no stress, no handling! Milk Pregnancy Testing is my primary form of pregnancy confirmation.”

Pierce Deegan, Dairy farmer, Carlow, Pierce is fond of the test! "We have been using the milk pregnancy tests – the postal version for 3 years and find it very good! The test allows me to focus on cows that come back empty, and actions can be taken on them, I wouldn’t be without it to be honest.”

George Beattie is milking a split calving pedigree Holstein herd in Wicklow describes the test as “Quick, accurate and easy, the test allows me to know if a cow is pregnant or not after just 28 days! I find it particularly useful for those “she might have held cows!”.



Posted on Thursday, 2 July 2020  |  By Progressive Genetics
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