NEW Limousin Sire Aherla K 7 P

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We have semen available from Aherla K7 Pp LM4360, K7 has three generations of easy calving in his sires pedigree plus he is heterozygous polled meaning 50% of calves will be polled.

K7 is a well grown, correct bull with good docility. He is sired by Greensons Howlett off of a Grahams Apache daughter going back to Neuf, with Hortensia, Malibu and Epson featuring in there too. 

Howlett, had 3 sons in the Top 10, "Leading Young Bulls for Gestation Length" in the Winter 2017/2018 British Limousin Cattle Society, with the three sons averaging over -6.0 days (gestation length) (UK Figures, Taurus, November 2017). 


Greensons Jello, 16 months old, adjusted 400 day weight 619kg.

Hetero polled Greensons Howlett daughter, 10 months. 

Greensons Narnia, polled heifer by Greensons Howlett.  

Greensons Howlett daughter in Germany. 

Check out K7's figures here.

Posted on Wednesday, 30 May 2018  |  By Progressive Genetics
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