New Catalogue Dairy Sires Jan 2018

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Our New Dairy Catalogue is now available online. 

Based on the latest ICBF figures, we have the top 4 Dairy Sires on the active list, the No.1 Jersey available, 5 of the top 10 daughter proven sires (Hoslteins & Friesians), featuring top sires, bull teams, high EBI sires, British Friesian sires, High Type sires, Jersey sires, Crossbred sires, Sexed semen sires, Beef sires (Angus, Hereford, Belgian Blue, Limousin & Simmental sires), Heat Detection Aids including MOOCALL HEAT (more here) & more!

All bull figures are based on the latest proofs from ICBF, December 2017.

High EBI

We have the Top 4 bulls on active list:

  • (IG) BALLINTESKIN ARNOLD FR4021 with an EBI of €324 for a big fertility lift (& he's half Br Fr)
  • (IG) DIAMOND ANTON FR2239 with an EBI of €320 (32.4kgs of m/s & +0.03 for udder)
  • (IG) NEXTGEN YKG CANDY 593 FR2385 with an EBI of €308 (suitable for maidens 2.0% CD at 96% reliability, 23 kgs m/s & fertility)
  • (IG) OLCASTLETOWN RONALDO FR2298 with an EBI of €301 & a Milk Production Sub-Index of €102 (29.2kgs ms) 
  • Plus (IG) NEXTGEN PHC EIMER 557 FR2460 with an EBI of €311 (Pedigree, a fertility lifter, plus €13 for health) & Curra Lightning FR4239 with an EBI of €303 - who will also be available sexed

Dam of Anton FR2239

Daughter Proven

We have 5 of top 10 Daughter Proven bulls (Holstein/Friesian), including PHC & BJC:

  • (IG) CURRIHEVERN RUDOLPH PHC, with an EBI of €266 with over 26kg m/s
  • (IG) BOHERCASS COMET BJC with an EBI of €254 with over 36kg m/s,+0.12% protein & minus 5.3 days gestation length
  • Another Daughter Proven sire is (IG) WATERWHEEL TAURUS WWT with an EBI of €234, 37kgs+ of milk solids & he's easy calving

Jerseys & Crossbreds:

  • No. 1 Jersey on EBI, BRADENE PAS TRIPLESTAR JE4289, EBI of €261 plus he has 34kgs of milk solids (pictured below)
  • (IG) COURLEIGH SIMON FR4148, with an EBI of €206, a Milk Production Sub-Index of €142 & over 40kgs of milk solids
  • New New Zealand Crossbred ARKANS GURKHA J9F7, has an EBI of €219 a Milk Production Sub-Index of €126 & over 36kgs of milk solids

High Type sires:

  • PINE-TREE FIREFLY-ET FR4355, has an EBI of €200, with a huge 52.6kgs of milk solids
  • ABS MAYDAY-ET FR4308, an outstanding type sire, with over 40 kgs milk solids & an EBI of €211
  • Plus many more!

Beef Sires:

  • Aberdeen Angus Sire CHRISTON ELTON P623 AA2123 is minus over 4 days gestation length
  • Hereford DENDOR 1 KOHINOOR PP {HYF} KKO with a calving figure of 4.9% at 99% reliability & superior quality
  • NEW Belgian Blue sire ROSTREVOR GABERAL who has a calving figure of 130 in the UK, which is excellent!


Check it out here, hardcopies will be available soon.

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