New Dairy Sires Catalogue September 2018

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Our New Dairy Catalogue is now available online. 

Based on the latest ICBF figures, we have 5 of the top 6 Dairy Sires on the active list, the No.1 Jersey available, 10 of the top 15 daughter proven sires (Hoslteins & Friesians), featuring top sires, bull teams, high EBI sires, British Friesian sires, High Type sires, Jersey sires, Crossbred sires, Sexed semen sires, Beef sires (Angus, Hereford, Belgian Blue, Limousin & Simmental sires), HERDAPP from AgriNet, Heat Detection Aids including MOOCALL HEAT & more!

All bull figures are based on the latest proofs from ICBF, September 2018.

Check it out HERE, hardcopies will be available at the National Ploughing Championships next week, catalogue summary below.

High EBI

We have the Top 5 of the top 6 bulls on active list, including no.1, no.2 & no.3:

  • (IG) DIAMOND ANTON FR2239 with an EBI of €316 (36kgs of m/s) (No.1 on active list)
  • (IG) NEXTGEN PHC EIMER 557 FR2460 with an EBI of €306 (Pedigree, a fertility lifter, plus €11 for health) (No.2 on active list)
  • (IG) NEXTGEN YKG CANDY 593 FR2385 with an EBI of €303 (suitable for maidens 2.3% CD at 99% reliability, 25 kgs m/s & fertility) (No.3 on active list)
  • (IG) BALLINTESKIN ARNOLD FR4021 with an EBI of €299 for a big fertility lift (& he's half Br Fr)
  • (IG) OLCASTLETOWN RONALDO FR2298 with an EBI of €298 & a Milk Production Sub-Index of €102 (28kgs ms)
  • Plus sires like:
  • (IG) CURRA BOSS FR4467 with an EBI of €344, a Candy FR2385 son
  • (IG) CLOONEYBEAG EXCEED FR4540 with an EBI of €321, an Elmo FR2031 son with 30kgs ms
  • (IG) BALLYGOWN ALBERT FR4513 with an EBI of €316, with a Milk Production SI of €128 and nearly 40kgs ms
  • (IG) CRAIGTOWN TORNADO FR4338 with an EBI of €313, a Candy FR2385 son
  • (IG) GABRIEL ZORO FR4337 with an EBI of €308, a Ronaldo FR2298 son

Dam of Anton FR2239

Daughter Proven

We have 10 of top 15 Daughter Proven bulls (Holstein/Friesian), including PHC & BJC:

  • (IG) DERRYLAMOGUE VINCENT FR2036, with an EBI of €268, 1.9% CD at 99% reliability
  • (IG) TISAXON ELMO FR2031 with an EBI of €261 with over 18kg m/s, 1.7% CD at 99% reliability
  • Another Daughter Proven sire is (IG) MONDELIGO GRAND MAN OMG with an EBI of €262, 21kgs+ of milk solids & he's easy calving, 2.2% CD at 99% reliability


Jerseys & Crossbreds:

  • No. 1 Jersey on EBI, BRADENE PAS TRIPLESTAR JE4289, EBI of €272 plus he has 36kgs of milk solids (pictured below)
  • (IG) COURLEIGH SIMON FR4148, with an EBI of €206, a Milk Production Sub-Index of €137 & over 40kgs of milk solids
  • We also have new RAS list stars Omnibus & Walker available. 

High Type sires:

  • RELOUGH DIRECTIVE FR4534, has an EBI of €270, with a 37kgs+ of milk solids
  • WESTCOAST YAMASKA FR4368, with 50 kgs milk solids & an EBI of €211
  • Plus many more!

Beef Sires:

  • Hereford Sires FABB 1 NORTHERN STAR {HYF} HE4297 whom is -1.8 days PTA and FABB 1 NUTCRACKER {HYF} HE4298 whom is -2.9 days PTA 
  • Aberdeen Angus INTELAGRI MATTEO AA4089 and INTELAGRI MAVERICK AA4088 two Angus sires ticking all the boxes, calving ease, calf quality and short gestation
  • Belgian Blue sire IDEAL BB4286's calving ease is holding up at 6.9% at 83% reliability

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