Polled Bulls

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We have a wide selection of polled sires available, some of which feature below.

Why polled?

  • Avoid dehorning
  • The polled gene is dominant

The basics of genetics tell us that since the polled gene is dominant over the horned gene, animals with one copy of the polled gene and one copy of the horned gene will not have horns, and a naturally hornless animal can be created in one generation. It also means it is easier to make more polled animals faster than if the polled gene was recessive.

An animal can have one of three combinations for the polled/horned gene:

PP = homozygous polled means this animal has no horns, an all offspring from the animal will be born without horns
Pp = heterozygous polled means this animal does not have horns, but offspring may or may not have horns depending on their mate
pp = born with horns

Ivoire OEO Homozygous Polled - all progeny will be polled. By Fanon P going back to Clovis. Check him out here.

Auroch Deuter - AHC - the First Homozygous (all progeny will be polled) Polled Simmental in Irish A.I. Check him out here.

See daughters below in the Langmose Herd in Denmark, Langmose Malaika P sire: Auroch Deuter

Langmose Liva PP Sire: Aurock Deuter

Idalgo PP LM2214 a smashing homo-polled Limousin Bull (all calves will be polled), check him out here (video also featured too).

Indiscret Pp CH2222 (limited availability) a super hetero-polled bull. Sired by Elmer SC, MGS Pinay. Check him out here.

Red Angus Mosshall Red Pharaoh M172 AA2068, check him out here.

Fabb Northern Starr HE4297, homo polled, from the Fabb Polled Herd, Starr should provide a good balance of calf quality and calving ease.

Marianhill L Papa 516 AA4086 has been selected for his combination of calving ease, short gest' & overall quality. Check him out here.

HW Hazard (P) is a homo-polled son of Quoiggs Extra Special out of a Newfield Tarquin cow. Check him here.



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