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We always appreciate getting in progeny pictures for our Social Media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) pages and from the website.

As September and our next beef catalogue is drawing nearer please feel free to send us on a few snaps, particularly if you have calves by younger bulls. 

TJ Reilly, Ivoire OEO calf, dam is a BBx (OEO is no longer available, LM4360 K7 is an new polled (hetero) alternative).

Stephen Graham Fiston FSZ bull calf 12 weeks old out of Ultime UTL cow.


SIx Deuter AHC heifer at 26 months with a KYA bull calf at 10 days. 

Tony Hayes Ardlea Dan ADX heifer at Corrundulla show, won class and was Champion.


Posted on Monday, 23 July 2018  |  By Progressive Genetics
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