Sexed Semen Sires for 2020

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Our Sexed Semen Sires for 2020 is now available online. 

This catalogue is based on the latest figures (ICBF, November 2019) and features 20 bulls that will have Sexed Semen available of from March (some are available now).

Including Sires like:

(IG) RONNOCO MILAN FR4510 with an EBI of €288 and +0.23% Protein!

(IG) CLORANE DANDYMAN FR4600 with an EBI of €281, a PSI of €124 and almost 40 kgs milk solids!

(IG) NEXTGEN BRANDY JE5386 with an EBI of €244, a PSI of €100 (+0.51% fat & +0.25% Protein)

And many others!

Also Please see catalogue below!

Sexed Semen Trials

There has been 3 extensive field trials carried out on sexed semen in Ireland 2013,2018 & 2019. There has been no significant difference in the conception rates from all 3 trials with the latest trial showing a conception rate of 46- 50% for sexed compared with a 60% rate for conventional. One of the significant findings from the trials was the variability between herds with some herds experiencing rates as low as 10% with the sexed product.

The facts:

Conventional Semen – approx. 60% Conception Rate

Sexed Semen – approx 50% Conception Rate

Sexed semen has an approx 10% lower conception rate compared to its conventional counterpart.

Sexed Semen Trial Results:

Please see our Sexed Semen Sires for 2020 Catalogue here.

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