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Breeding season is a busy time for farmers. Recording serves is a process that can be streamlined. This is key to Lean Farming as it simplifies the workflow.

All this information in your pocket and access it immediately!

For anyone who makes use of ICBF Sire Advice to help them with their breeding management this information automatically shows up on AgriNet HerdApp.

When you or your Breeding advisor runs Sire advice the results will show up clearly & concisely in the AI/Breeding section when you type in the cows number on AgriNet HerdApp.

For a farmer who is using an AI technician, the suggested list of bulls for specific cows shows up on the Technician's handheld.

This same information is presented to a farmer carrying out DIY AI & using AgriNet HerdApp. This can be found via Herd reports, milk then sire advice for the full latest sire advice. This information can also be accessed via animal report if looking for an individual. Or at AI time via AI/Breeding icon, new serve then type in the cows number.

How is this information presented?

If the sire advice for the cow is a dairy bull then those options are listed just below the 'Bull' box, the farmer merely selects the box for which one they are going to use. This depends on how many options they give per cow, eg 3 bulls or 5 bulls etc.

If the dairy cow is set to a beef mating then no information is displayed as it is the farmer/AI technicians choice of beef sire.

If you want to check the animals information before having her AI'ed then you simply click the View animal(cow picture) at the top right hand corner of serve screen. This takes you to all the cows information in case you decide to stray from the designated sire advice. You can easily see all the cows information eg. calving date, milk recording data both of whichare automatically there & animal health events if you have entered them going along.

Sire advice is a very useful aid, whenever it's completed on ICBF the information will automatically show up on HerdApp the next day & be there as a guide to farmers in making more informed decisions at a busy time.

AgriNet assisting Irish farmers manage herds for almost 30 years

AgriNet HerdApp is the new standard in farm herd management designed to link your herd directly to ICBF and Agfood from your smartphone. It’s all about speed and simplicity and getting all the basics done quickly while outside. AgriNet Herd App is owned by Irish Farm Computers Ltd, based in Co. Meath who own AgriNet Herd Master the PC version of the herd management software. AgriNet have been catering to farmers herd management needs for the last 26 years. AgriNet have built up a quality team of customer support and sales staff along with a loyal customer base. Farmers can be reassured that HerdApp is tried, tested & trustworthy.


Posted on Wednesday, 25 March 2020  |  By Progressive Genetics
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