Sire of Sons List 2020

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NCBC have released their recommended sires of sons list for use on high EBI Cows. Every year NCBC selects calves from a selection of the highest EBI cows in Ireland (that also meet other criteria) to genomic test for the next generation of AI bulls.

For the last number of years several thousand bull calves were tested to find Irelan's very best new AI bulls. In 2021 we want to make sure we have the very bet possible candidate calves to pick from.

If you have potential bull mothers in your herd, or if NCBC have contacted you about some of your cows, we recommend where possible one of the bulls on this list is used. We will always look for a wide selection of sires so you can select any of these that suit your cows.

NCBC 2020 Recommended Sires of Sons

Posted on Thursday, 9 April 2020  |  By Progressive Genetics
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