The 88th Ploughing Match is nearly upon us

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The Ploughing Match is nearly upon us again, excitement is certainly building! This year the 88th Ploughing Championship will be running the 17th, 18th & 19th September, in Ballintrane, Fenagh, Co.Carlow.
We'll have our stand at no. 175, block no. 1, row no. 7, where our latest beef catalogue will be available, plus a dairy update, MooCall Heat info & much more. 
As always we will have the kettle on! There will be tea & coffee, as well as a few biscuits!
Chris Donoghue (Newstalk), Larry Feeney (Progressive Genetics, Marketing Manager), Rose Goulding (NCBC, Beef Programme Manager) & Ivan Yates (Newstalk)
Plus AgriNet will be in our tent, this year they are celebrating 25 years in business and continue to innovate. Their app; HerdApp continues to grow and develop, with more features being added as part of the apps continuous improvement.
See more about HerdApp HERE!
With modern farming a cow standing in a field certainly isn't all the story, HerdApp packs in a huge amount of data while ensuring it is easy to go through allowing for maximum benefit, for instance see all the data packed in on the below cow!
HerdApp is the new standard in Farm Apps!
Posted on Monday, 9 September 2019  |  By Progressive Genetics
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