The New Standard in Farm Apps

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AgriNet HerdApp is The New Standard in Farm Apps

AgriNet have launched a brand new farm management app that allows for cross compliance & inspections. Also known as Irish Farm Computers, AgriNet was formed in 1997 and have over 20 years’ experience in Farming Software.

HerdApp focuses on three main functions – Breeding & AI (which is sponsored by Progressive Genetics and completely free to all Irish farmers), Drugs & Farm reports.


AgriNet's/HerdApp's live link between ICBF ensures all information flows seamlessly between the two, meaning breeding, fertility and EBI/EuroStar data is detailed in neat reports and always accessible.

The Breeding function of the app is a particularly useful management tool for both Dairy & Beef enterprises. Barry Lynch and his team spent a huge amount time during the development process concentrating on fertility reports & calving screens. The aim of every farmer who uses AI or a stock bull is to get cows in calf.

Whether you have 10 cows or 110 cows, fertility issues will always crop up. HerdApp aims to highlight these issues sooner rather than later so you can act quicker. The Jobs List has 17 key actions for your farm on a daily basis. Among these are:

  • Cows 35 days calved & not yet served
  • Heifers 365 days old & not yet served
  • Cows & Heifers due to repeat (18-24 days served)
  • Cows & Heifers due a pregnancy test (30 days served)
  • Cows showing irregular cycles

Farmers that use AI service and have a technician coming into their yards have all their work done for them as the serves come automatically from ICBF (for AI Techs on ICBF Handheld). This means that HerdApp will calculate when cows are due to be dried off and when they are due to calve. In turn, DIY farmers and those using a stock bull can just enter the date of the serve and the bull’s code, and the app does these calculations automatically.

The calving screen means you know exactly where you stand with your calving pattern. It breaks it down on a week-by-week basis and this information flows either directly from ICBF or from your own DIY serves.

The Fertility screen shows submission rates and conception rates on your farm. It highlights cows not seen in heat or that were served and are empty. For farms trying to improve their compact calving pattern, this is an excellent tool to use.

At AgriNet, one price doesn’t fit all. We have broken our price structure down by Herd Size; <50 animals = €50 per year, 50 - 150 animals = €100 per year, 150+ animals = €150 per year.

Download today for FREE; iPhone here or Android hereThese prices are inclusive of VAT & 1-month free trial with unlimited support.

Should you require it, we take you step by step, at your own pace until you are confident using HerdApp.

For a full start with an AgriNet expert, just text “smart” to 087 619 5575. 

Or visit AgriNet’s website for more information here

Posted on Tuesday, 23 October 2018  |  By Progressive Genetics
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