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AgriNet HerdApp is The New Standard in Farm Apps

AgriNet have launched a brand new farm management app that allows for cross compliance & inspections. Also known as Irish Farm Computers, AgriNet was formed in 1997 and have over 20 years’ experience in Farming Software.

Most dairy farmers across the country at the moment are probably planning their last milk recording of the year in the coming weeks. Decisions will be made on cull cows, perhaps even more under the microscope than in other years with fodder tight for some this winter, for most there won’t be any passengers.

HerdApp's live link between ICBF ensures all information flows seamlessly between the two, meaning all historic & up to date milk recordings come down to HerdApp automatically. The same day you get your text highlighting the high SCC cows in your herd, the milk recording report will be uploaded to HerdApp.

From here you can view and filter all aspects of the milk recording report- for example you can sort by KGs milk solids, % fat or yield. In your ‘jobs list’ menu, cows with SCC over 200 will be highlighted so you don’t have to trawl through reams of information to find problem cows, they are presented to you directly from ICBF. 


For those farmers already using Selective Dry Cow Therapy, HerdApp is a tool you’ll be delighted with. For those considering it but think it’s going to be a lot of extra work with selecting cows suitable and recording tube usage as two different batches – those who got antibiotics and those who didn’t – HerdApp has you covered! Built in as a very easy to use feature, and based off milk recording data – HerdApp selects the cows for you that qualify for Selective Dry Cow Therapy. You can enter the parameters that you wish to work with. 

There is a discussion at the moment about Selective Dry Cow Therapy, questions being asked about how long before it’s implemented, how is it going to work, how can farmers prepare for this before it’s a mandatory requirement on Irish farms. HerdApp is already there. Bringing information from milk recording data, it shows you which cows are eligible and not eligible for Selective Dry Cow Therapy by showing you how many SCC recordings she had over 100,000 and how many cases of mastitis she had during her current lactation.  From this, because you know all cows eligible for SDCT and you can calculate how many antibiotic tubes you will need to buy before the Drying off period begins.


Cows with no recorded incidents of Mastitis or SCC over 100,000 are eligible to be dried off without antibiotic tubes. You can click on any cow in this list and drill down to her current Milk Recording data.


Milk Recording is a hugely beneficial tool – whether you are considering Selective Dry Cow Therapy or not, the data on each cow is key in management decisions. How you interpret this information is just as valuable. HerdApp breaks it down into very neat, easy to read reports – identifying cows with ongoing mastitis issues, knowing the cows in your herd doing phenomenal kilos of milk solids and just as importantly, the cows not performing well. You can view all this and more at the touch of a button, automatically, through HerdApp & make better informed decisions within your business.




Should you require it, we take you step by step, at your own pace until you are confident using HerdApp.

For a full start with an AgriNet expert, just text “smart” to 087 619 5575. 

Or visit AgriNet’s website for more information here

Posted on Friday, 2 November 2018  |  By Progressive Genetics
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