The ease of using a farm management app to register your calves Part 1

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The ease of using a farm management app to register your calves Part 1


4 options to register a calf - which do you use?

1. ICBF - triplicate book

This method has plenty of room for human error and turn around time can be over a week. The farmer fills in the book, posts away the white copy of the form, 1-2 days before it arrives for processing, 1 day to procecss in the DAFM, potential error then returned to farmer via post, another 1-2 days, correction sent back in 1-2 days in post again, blue card issued. Potential minimum of 7 business days before blue card received.

2. Department of Ag Food & Marine

DAFM white card which is similar process to option 1 but can be posted off 1 at a time if wanted rather than filling the 10 spaces on the ICBF triplicate form. Note there is no obligation to fill the ICBF form before sending it away.


 3. online

For this option, a good internet connection is needed along with some computer skills. It can also be accessed via a smartphone. The farmer needs to remember their logon details - username, PAC(sent out by DAFM) and password. If these details are entered incorrectly three times you are then locked out of Agfood online. The farmer then needs to contact DAFM to unlock account.Online registration is much quicker than paper forms. Once the farmer log's in, they can enter a calf's birth information. If births are completed before 12 noon on a weekday, the blue card will typically be processed that day or the following working day. The time from data entry to farmer receiving the blue card is 2-3 working days. Farmers must enter all details of the calf registration(calf tag, dam tag, sire info, sex and calving difficulty).

 4. Agrinet HerdApp

This is the easiest way to register calves. A farmer puts in the dam's information. By entering one detail, other details automatically come up. If the farmer is using an AI technician, it will come up what she's in calf to and when the calf is due. Otherwise if they put it in themselves an AI/Stockbull will come up. Choose the calf sex, and scan the calf tag and save to submit to Agfood when you are ready. The farmer then proof readsthe calf registration details before submitting to Agfood. This gives the opportunity to correct errors before submitting to Agfood. Farmers can batch register calves so instead of getting blue cards in the post individually, farmers receive a batch of cards in one delivery which is less administration and kinder to the environment.





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