The ease of using a farm management app to register your calves Part 2

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How to register your calves birth in under 1 minute using AgriNet HerdApp


12 steps to register a calf birth using the AgriNet HerdApp


1. Click on ‘births’ icon

2. Click on drop down menu and click NEW BIRTH

3. Enter Dam number, Sire will come up automatically if serve is recorded previously

4. To enter a new sire: click on white box. If there have been no bulls recorded on this farm before, click on ‘+Add’ in top right hand corner. Enter the bulls code/ear tag number and search ICBF. When correct bull appears on screen – click ‘use this bull on my farm’. This bull will now remain on this list for you to use in future birth records and AI/stock bull serves

5. Ensure date is correct for birth event

6. The first time you register a calf with AgriNet HerdApp you will need the long tag number – ideally if you have a tag to scan this will speed up this step.

7. Click on the ‘scan’ button on the top of the screen. Your phone may ask you to allow access to the camera – please allow this access. You won’t be asked this again.

8. Put the ear tag on a flat surface and hold the camera up to the bar code on the tag. The phone will beep when it has picked up the tag number. From now on, you can continue scanning tags, or just enter the check digit as the tag numbers will now run in sequence.

9. Fill out the remaining boxes – Sex, Still Born, Calving Difficulty etc

10. Calf and Dam feed groups – you can group your calves & cows as they calve. Very helpful for batch dosing etc later in the year.

11. Use the ‘help with pedigree naming’ if you are a pedigree herd.

12. Click ‘Save’ The screen will go blank to record a new birth event. Click back to see all births recorded and if you are happy to proceed – click ‘Register Calves’ and enter your AgFood pin that you set up for HerdApp. These calves are now registered with the Department of Agriculture.

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Posted on Monday, 17 February 2020  |  By Progressive Genetics
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