Triplet FSZ Calves

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Trevor Kelly is delighted with the recent arrival of TRIPLET Fiston FSZ calves, two bulls and a heifer out of a Simmental (IS4) cow.
Trevor farms outside Castlerea, Roscommon, where he has nearly 20 suckler cows, he’s a member of the North East Galway Beef Producer Group.
The BIRTH: Trevor taught the cow would calve over-night so he had an alarm set for 3am to check her, but he woke up before 3 with the weather so warm and he could hear her lowing, He ran down to the paddock at the back of the house, where 1 calf was licked, the 2nd just born and the 3rd coming backwards, coming with an easy pull!
The COW: as mentioned above is a IS4, he dam was also bred by Trevor but the grand-dam was bought in at 8/9 years of age, she had 3 sets of twins for him! The triplets dam had a FSZ bull calf last year and the year before.
AI is used on-farm his AI Technician is Shane Keegan, a Teaser (vasectomised) bull is ran with cows in order to make heat detection easier, as Trevor works full-time with SuperValu Castlerea as a butcher.
(Video: Tricia Kennedy)
Posted on Tuesday, 10 July 2018  |  By Progressive Genetics
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