Worried about how your data is used in farm management apps

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Do you register your calves online, through Agfood or are you using a farm record keeping app on your smart phone to register calves births? If so, its almost certain that you worried about what happens your data once you enter it into the app.

Why you should be worried about apps having access to data

It’s no secret that data is routinely bought and sold by hundreds of companies. What’s less known is who those companies are, and what exactly they do. It's the nature of the beast, that is technology. App makers can access your camera, microphone, location and files, and in the case of a herd management app, any data you input on cows when you give permission to. It is understandable the value that herd data is to pharmaceutical companies for example. So it is very important that farmers take charge of their herd data by reading and understanding what farm management apps are doing with their data in the privacy policy.

The bottom line is for farmers not to be naive about their farm data. Farmers should be careful engaging with herd software apps which are offering free services. This initially may seem like an attractive offer, however, it could be under the elusion that your data could be being sold onto other companies. Or their user experience being constantly interrupted by annoying pop up adverts prompting farmers to buy products within the app.

Which herd management app is legitimate when it comes to farm data?

Farmers cow data inputted on AgriNet HerdApp, which you can download here is stored on the AgriNet.ie secure central database for the sole purpose of helping farmers make better management decisions. This means herd data in HerdApp is the farmers data. For example if a farmer, Barry, enters dry off treatments for his cows and records dry cow antibiotics, that data is for Barry's eyes only. The dry off date filters back to ICBF, but the animal remedy administration data entered by Barry is completely private to him.

AgriNet HerdApp values farmers privacy and the right to record animal remedy administration information without the fear of pharmaceutical companies future bombardment of targeted product promotion. Farmers using AgriNet HerdApp (see here), can be reassured that none of their cows, herd or farm data is being sold to pharmaceutical companies or other organisations which could lead to annoying phone calls in the future. Farmers can have confidence in the confidentiality of AgriNet HerdApp.

AgriNet HerdApp Privacy Statement explained

The only people that can access data entered into AgriNet HerdApp is a) the farmer, b) farmer advisers or another 3rd party which the farmer gives access to or c) Agrinet staff, at the farmers request to provide support with using the app. No organisation, pharmaceutical company and/or individual can access a farmer’s data without using an invitation process which the farmer manages. To read AgriNets full Privacy Statement, click here.

AgriNet assisting Irish farmers manage herds for almost 30 years

AgriNet HerdApp is the new standard in farm herd management designed to link your herd directly to ICBF and Agfood from your smartphone. It’s all about speed and simplicity and getting all the basics done quickly while outside. AgriNet HerdApp is owned by Irish Farm Computers Ltd, based in Co. Meath who own AgriNet Herd Master the PC version of the herd management software. AgriNet have been catering to farmers herd management needs for the last 26 years. AgriNet have built up a quality team of customer support and sales staff along with a loyal customer base. Farmers can be reassured that HerdApp is tried, tested & trustworthy.

Click here to find out more about AgriNet HerdApp

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