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Only 1 in 4 beef calves are born to an AI sire

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(23% of beef calves are born to an AI sire)

A piece by Ciaran Moran read the article on Agriland here or more from Ciaran here.

Teagasc’s Mervyn Parr, on Stock Bulls: “With natural service bulls, although the reported incidence of sterility is generally low (<4%), subfertility, at a consistent level of 20-25%" with "semen used in AI is consistently monitored for fertility and is generally of very high quality."

Below: Albert Bailey's FSZ Fiston Heifer with her FL22 dam (5 Star Replacement), sold in Mountrath 310kgs €1510 (in 2015).

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Posted on Wednesday, 17 February 2016  |  By Progressive Genetics

New Beef Bulls February 2016

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New Bulls (3 New Limousins, 2 New Charolais' & one New Blonde)

Elite Ice Cream LM2206 - excellent quality terminal bull. A son of Ampertaine Elgin X Emerson X Vivaldi. Check him out here.

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Posted on Tuesday, 16 February 2016  |  By Progressive Genetics

New BDGP Catalogue for Spring 2016

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Progressive Genetics are pleased to announce that our new BDGP Booklet is available now, with the latest proofs (December 2015) and featuring 69 High Replacement Index Bulls across 8 breeds, plus lots of information on BDGP targets, heat detection aids, synchronisation and more!    


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Posted on Monday, 18 January 2016  |  By Progressive Genetics

Highest Replacement Limousin Available

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Doudou LM2321 (full name DOUDOU.TD) a super bull to use in the BDGP Scheme (as part of a team), Doudou has a Replacement Index of €174 (reliability 24%) making him the highest Limousin bull available on the Replacement Index (on December 2015 Proofs). 

Read more about Doudou and his daughters in full article. 

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Posted on Friday, 15 January 2016  |  By Progressive Genetics

New Catalogue Dairy 2016

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Our new Dairy Catalogue (based on December 2015 Proofs) is available online now (hard copies will be available by next week).

There is a huge selection of bulls with High EBI, High Type, Xbred, Jersey & British Friesian all featuring (we will have a new coloured breeds catalogue available shortly).

Plus view the bulls that will be available through our fresh programme. 

And info on preg testing, BVD ear-notch testing & more!

Check the catalogue out here (Issuu file) and PDF here.



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Posted on Monday, 4 January 2016  |  By Progressive Genetics

Some Photos from Recent Shows & Sales

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Photos from the Christmas Cracker, Carrick Fatstock Show and Sale & the Irish Angus Elite Sale December 2015.

Irish Angus Elite Sale December 2015: Top Priced bull €6400 on the day was Laheens Larry 399, Lot 43 for Cathal Duignan, Leitrim. Sire Friarstown Ideal Pete FPI.

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Posted on Thursday, 17 December 2015  |  By Progressive Genetics

Progressive Genetics ABS Dairy Catalogue

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Progressive Genetics is a 100% farmer owned company and is committed to maximizing genetic gain for our customers and offering a wide range of options to suit your breeding goal. We are happy to announce we will now have available the ABS Global (GenusABS) range of bulls in addition to our current offering.

The ABS bulls cover a wide range of high type Holstein, British Friesian, high EBI and sexed semen as well as a range of other breeds. This gives Progressive Genetics the widest choice of sires, assuring you of the best choices for your breeding goal.

When added to the Irish NCBC breeding programme and those of Semex, CRV and others we have a global pool of 8,000 bulls per year either genomic or progeny tested to choose from. 

If you require any further details please contact your local breeding advisor or if you would like a catalogue posted to you simply contact the page here.

See our ABS Catalogue here.

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Posted on Tuesday, 8 December 2015  |  By Progressive Genetics

Farmers could be wasting 1500 Euro by not recording dry off dates

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A piece by Amy Forde, of Agriland, read more on their website here or more from Amy here

Farmers that don’t record dry offs do not receive an accurate annual report for their herd or valid lactations for their animals that they have paid for, according to the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF).

The average herd owner pays €15 per cow per year for milk recording, which the ICBF states, in a 100-cow herd equates to €1500.

It asks why pay €1500 for a service without getting the full benefits? The service is paid for but the ICBF has stated that the farmer misses out on the most valuable part of the service by not recording this simple date.

Dry offs must be recorded to ensure that a cow has a valid lactation, the ICBF advises.

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Posted on Tuesday, 3 November 2015  |  By Progressive Genetics

Breeding High Index Suckler Replacements for the BDGP Scheme

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Our Beef Data Genomics Programme - BDGP Booklet has been welcomed by farmers as it is a concise detailed informative booklet, the booklet has been produced in consultation with Teagasc and the ICBF and it details the scheme, successful use of AI, synchronisation programmes, heat detection and more. Our booklet allows farmers to start thinking and breeding high index replacements today. We have: 55 4 & 5 Star Replacement Bulls Across Breeds listed in BDGP Booklet. 

Farmers have until the 31st October 2018 to have 20% of their herd 4 or 5 Star Replacement OR equal or more than a Replacement Index of €74, the youngest of these animals must be a minimum of 16 months old.

 A.I prior to 18th September 2016 for 2018 requirement for Females born prior to 30th June 2017.

Go to full article to watch our video with Rosalish Goulding NCBC Beef Programme Manager.

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Posted on Tuesday, 27 October 2015  |  By Progressive Genetics

Is late spring calving the future for winter milk production

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The future of winter milk production has come in for much debate since the removal of milk quotas last spring.

However, at this week’s Winter Milk Conference in Navan, a question from the floor raised the topic once again with one farmer wondering if late-calving spring cows could provide a solution to the systems’ problems.

For Teagasc Dairy Specialist, Joe Patton the answer was categorically – No.

A piece by Ciaran Moran read the article on Agriland here or more from Ciaran here.

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Posted on Tuesday, 27 October 2015  |  By Progressive Genetics

IGUK First UK Dairy Farming Conference

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Ireland Genetics First UK Dairy Farming Conference

To be held on Wednesday 14th October 2015 (Registration at 9.30am for 10am start)

At The Tewkesbury Park Hotel, Lincoln Green Lane, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. GL20 7DN.

Signing up is essential with 75% of places already booked (application form available here).

The conference will cost £80 per ticket which includes tea and coffee at various times throughout the day, along with a hot buffet lunch.

This event has a very exciting line up of highly knowledgable speakers, nine in total and they'll be covering a broad range of topics, such as dealing with heavy soils, the most recent results on EBI (Economic Breeding Index) and the economic barriers to growth within the dairy industry.

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Posted on Tuesday, 6 October 2015  |  By Progressive Genetics

Suckler and Beef Seminars in the WOI

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Suckler and beef information seminars in the west of Ireland with Aurivo Co-op Society, in conjunction with Progressive Genetics and the Irish Farmers Journal.

There have been three farm information seminars organised and they will take place next week.

The first seminar is being held in Aurivo Balla mart on Monday evening 5th October , Aurivo Mohill mart 6th October, Aurivo Mart Ballymote on the 7th Ocober.

Topics include:

  • A live demonstration of cattle organised by Progressive Genetics, focusing heavily on breeding and meeting requirements of the Beef Data and Genomics Programme (BDGP) and more.

Richie Smyth's HCA Hauteclair Heifer with her FL21 dam - both 5 Star Replacement.

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Posted on Wednesday, 30 September 2015  |  By Progressive Genetics

BDGP Breeding Guide 2015-2016

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Breeding Profitable Replacements with The Beef Data & Genomics Programme Guide

Over the past number of months the BDGP programme has be the focus of a huge amount of talk & confusion, Progressive Genetics, in consultation with Teagasc & the ICBF have created their BDGP Breeding Guide which will be launched at the Ploughing Match, with 55 bulls across various breeds.

Download the full booklet here or view here (including bull listing).


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Posted on Saturday, 19 September 2015  |  By Progressive Genetics

Progressive Genetics New Suckler&Pedigree Beef Catalogue 2015-2016

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New Beef Catalogue 2015/2016

Based on the Replacement Index on the active bull list we currently have:

  •        Seven of the top 10 Limousins’
  •        Eleven of the top 11 Charolais’
  •        Five of the top nine Simmentals’
  •        Three of the top five Salers’
  •        Five of the top ten Angus’ 

Available to view online here or download here

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Posted on Friday, 18 September 2015  |  By Progressive Genetics

Breed for Replacements in the BDGP

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Over the past few months there has been a lot of talk and indeed confusion about the Beef Data Genomics Programme (BDGP).  And in particular in the past few weeks, since farmers received their indices for their herds, cows and heifers, my phone has been very busy with questions on the indices that individual farmers have received, with queries focusing mainly on how they will go about breeding the required percentage of replacements needed to meet with the scheme targets. Progressive Genetics will be launching a detailed BDGP booklet at the Ploughing Match, explaining the BDGP scheme to you and enabling you to make the right decisions.

Based on the Replacement Index on the active bull list we currently have:

  •        Seven of the top 10 Limousins’
  •        Eleven of the top 11 Charolais’
  •        Five of the top nine Simmentals’
  •        Three of the top five Salers’
  •        Five of the top ten Angus’

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Posted on Thursday, 17 September 2015  |  By Progressive Genetics

Our Latest Dairy Autumn Catalogue 2015

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Check out our New Dairy Autumn Catalogue with High EBI Bulls, High Type Bulls, plus some super Jerseys, Xbreds and British Friesians.

And with info on preg testing & more!

Check out our New Dairy Autumn Catalogue download here or view here

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Posted on Thursday, 17 September 2015  |  By Progressive Genetics

Milk Recorders Wanted

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Milk Recording Technicians (Part Time Contract Positions)

We provide milk recording services to our farmers in Leinster, Ulster & Connacht.

We require new technicians in Newbawn, Enniscorthy, Ballywilliam (Wexford) and Mullinahone, Killenaule (Tipperary).

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Posted on Wednesday, 9 September 2015  |  By Progressive Genetics

The Leading DIY AI Training Course in Ireland

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Ireland’s Leading DIY AI Training Course.

Progressive Genetics offer Ireland’s most complete and professional DIY AI Training Course with small groups, personal attention and highly experienced trainers.

Plus we offer the best value to the farmer at €380.

We conduct DIY training in two locations Kildare Chilling and Euromeats in Duleek, with two very experienced AI men doing the training.

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Posted on Thursday, 3 September 2015  |  By Progressive Genetics

Changing of Replacement Index for Sucklers

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There have been some significant changes to the new indexes, due principally to a number of improvements implemented by ICBF, following a comprehensive review of the indexes:

Changing the definition of the index: The new replacement index is based on the performance of a cow per calving (which includes the performance of any progeny born from that calving). It is expressed on a per calving basis. Thus a cow with a replacement index of €100 is expected to leave €100 more profit/calving (including her progeny performance from that calving), compared to a cow with a value of zero. This is in contrast to the previous index, which was based on the performance of a breeding bull, including male calves (destined for slaughter), female calves (retained for breeding) and all of her subsequent progeny (both male and female). This index was also expressed over the lifetime of the breeding female.

Alan Twomey Cow is a Nino (NIN) X Tintin De My (TIY) Dam born on 01/02/2009. Replacement index- €122 (5 star) calving interval average 343 days. That is her 5th calf.  Calf is a ADAJIO DE BRAY (AJY) Born on the 25/01/2015. Born unassisted. Weighing 350kg on the 14/08/15.


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Posted on Thursday, 3 September 2015  |  By Progressive Genetics

New Holstein Haplotype Discovered

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New Holstein Haplotype Discovered

Very recently, a group of research scientists in Germany discovered a new haplotype in the Holstein breed. Unlike the previously found “Haplotypes Impacting Fertility”, this particular genetic anomaly was found to be associated with calf survival in the first months of life. For calves that inherited the undesirable gene from both parents, it was found that they had an increased incidence of chronic/prolonged diarrhea that was untreatable, as well as other illnesses. Examination of blood samples from affected calves showed a cholesterol deficiency that prevented the normal deposition of fat in body tissues. Over the course of months after birth, the affected calves lost all body reserves and it appears that all eventually died.

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Posted on Monday, 24 August 2015  |  By Progressive Genetics

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