Health Testing

Pregnancy Diagnosis from Milk Samples

1. Simple: uses milk recording or other milk sample
2. Easy: No extra work
3. Effective: Comparable accuracy to scanning
4. Complements scanning and fits into a managed fertility programme.
5. Use from 28 days post breeding

€3.60 per sample

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Disease Testing 

Through iML we test for a number of diseases such as BVD, Johne’s, Lepto, Liver Fluke & Neospora.

The HealthCheck service from IML will help you gage where your herd is in terms of disease status and help put you on track toward disease control. The service is designed to be user friendly - quick, simple and flexible enough to enable you to tackle disease.

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Progressive Johnes Check

• Establish Herd Johnes disease status

• Manage Johnes disease if present

• Increase herd value if disease free

• Access to Animal Health Ireland programme

• Operating under Animal Health Ireland Programme rules

• Uses milk samples: Easy, Effective, Value


Why worry about Johnes Disease

  • Reduced performance of infected animals
  • Lost output
  • Spread of disease can go undetected
  • Possible barrier to trade


Benefits of tackling Johnes Disease

  • Clean cattle for your herd in the future
  • Can be tackled before problem becomes too serious
  • Increase sale value of your herd


Animal Health Ireland Programme & PG Johnes Check

  • Johnes Check fully complies with AHI national johnes scheme
  • 2 tests per year scheduled as part of routine milk recording
  • Results on ICBF database feed into AHI 
  • Full details & sign-up forms click here


Other testing via iML

Other Tests available include:INAB Testing

Antibiotic testing
Fatty acid profiling
Due diligence screening

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