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From DIY Milk Recording to Manual Milk Recording, Progressive Genetics offer a number of services in relation to milk, from straightforward milk recording – yields, constituents and hygiene quality to more in-depth testing, such as testing for bacterial contamination and/or disease status through testing bulk tank milk samples and/or individual cow milk samples (blood or tissue samples can also be tested).

Plus we are now offering Pregnancy testing though milk testing, done through the milk recording test – all in the one sample (€3.60 per test incl. VAT).

Our services are available to vets, milk producers, research organisations and the public sector.

Why Milk Record?

  • To allow you to reduce Somatic Cell Counts – meaning farmers can identify and isolate cows with subclinical mastitis infection e.g. High SCC
  • To increase overall milk value A+B-C – so farmers can quickly identify the cows which are most profitable based upon milk yield and milk solids
  • To improve management information – allowing farmers to select the correct bull for a specific cow e.g. targeting cows with high SCC with low SCC bulls
  • To access quick & simple disease testing for your herd
  • To increase the value of your herd – in relation to stock for sale or if necessary disease compensation

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Milk Recording the Choices

Have you meters or jars? Yes/No

Yes – “Manual” Milk Recording – for herds with meters or jars in the parlour. The milk recorder visits and records the volume of each cow and takes a sample for analysis. There is no extra labour requirement for the farmer. The cost is €2.75 per cow per recording. Min Charge 30 Cows (ie €87) plus €60 annual herd fee. Herd Owner must use ICAR Approved milk meters or jars (not milk “Indicators”).

No – Electronic-DIY Milk Recording – for herds without meters there is no up-front cost of meters, instead the meters are delivered on the day of recording. With the main benefits being the farmer is in control re: milking time and there is no “stranger” in the pit, also the meter auto samples and agitates. The cost is €170.50 per visit includes 50 cows, €2.85 each extra cow plus €60 annual herd fee.

Recording will give you:

  • Somatic Cell Count, Fat% & Protein% – for each cow
  • Yield of fat, protein and milk calculated
  • A number of farm reports – herd and group averages, trends, individual cow yields and detailed SCC reports for cows, cow groups and the overall herd.

Costs & Schemes

  • Charges as above – Electronic DIY or “Manual” Recording
  • Charged per recording
  • Minimum 4 visits for Spring Herd e.g. every 2 months in milking period
  • Minimum 6 visits for All Year Herd e.g. every 2 months
  • If necessary farmers can record every month e.g. if there is a SCC problem it may be beneficial to record more regularly for a period of time.

Access results online her via

The Actual Testing

Our samples are all tested in Independent Milk Labs in Bailieborough, Co. Cavan – where the staff in the lab provide a service 7 days a week, in 10 hour shifts, with one of the main priorities being getting results back farmers as quickly as possible.

We have over 130 Manual Milk Recorders to find out who provides the Manual Milk Recording Service in your area – ring Louise Knight – details below

For more information or to organise Milk Recording for you, please feel free to call:

Milk Recording Office 046 9540606
Stephen Connolly 086-0318380 Manager
Louise Knight 087-2505723 Supervisor (North, midlands)
Joe Lupton 086-3992946 EDIY – Tipperary
Joey Maher 086-0323601 EDIY – Laois, Offaly, Kilkenny
Mary Coyle 087-9824583 EDIY – Cavan, Longford, Monaghan
Mary Flynn 086-8114167 EDIY – Waterford
Martin Power 086-7737238 EDIY- South Tipp & South Kilkenny
Alan Kavanagh 086-8114147 EDIY – Wexford, Wicklow, Easy Kilkenny
Tommy Malloy 086-8298172 EDIY – Kildare, Laois, Carlow
Martin McLaughlin 086-4660011 EDIY – Donegal
Declan Hynes 086-0416564 EDIY – Sligo, Mayo, Roscommon
Paddy Feeney 086-3901462 EDIY- Meath, Louth


From DIY Milk Recording to Manual Milk Recording, Progressive Genetics offer a number of services in relation to milk.

Progressive Genetics is a Meath based, farmer owned Co-operative with a workforce of over 300, in fact with 3,400 Irish farmer shareholders, it’s the largest farmer owned cattle breeding co-op in the Republic of Ireland.

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