Milk recording can help you to identify high SCC cows, unprofitable cows and ultimately improve your herd.

Our milk recording team

Our professional team can visit your farm at milking to take yields and samples or to assist with electronic meters.

Our aim is to make milk recording as hassle-free as possible.

Electronic meters

Where there are no meters on farm, we supply electronic meters and everything needed to record.

Why milk record?

  • To allow you to reduce Somatic Cell Counts – meaning farmers can identify and isolate cows with subclinical mastitis infection e.g. High SCC.
  • To increase overall milk value A+B-C – so farmers can quickly identify the cows which are most profitable based upon milk yield and milk solids.
  • To improve management information – allowing farmers to select the correct bull for a specific cow e.g. targeting cows with high SCC with low SCC bulls.
  • To access quick & simple disease testing for your herd
  • To increase the value of your herd – in relation to stock for sale or if necessary disease compensation.

You can download a Milk Recording application form click here and return the completed form to

Alternatively, you can complete the online form below.

Giving you the information you need for SCC control

In your milk recording report, cows will be put into four categories based on SCC:

  • Persistently Infected
  • Recently Infected
  • Recently Cured
  • Healthy Cows
A deeper insight into SCC

The SCC profile shows you the number of cows in each category and their performance since their last test. This will allow you to quickly monitor your SCC control programme. For example, are you achieving SCC control at milking? What are your cure rates? Is your herd suitable for selective dry cow therapy?

Identifying your best and worst cows

By milk recording, you will be gaining access to comprehensive production reports for your herd.

  • A Production Summary details the key milking performance figures for your herd
  • A Milk Recorded Margin Per Day breakdown, will help you to identify the most profitable, and least profitable cows in your herd.

With your least profitable cows now clearly highlighted in RED, you can begin to examine whether or not these cows should have a future in your herd.

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From DIY Milk Recording to Manual Milk Recording, Progressive Genetics offer a number of services in relation to milk.

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