AI Code HE4344
Breed HE
Pedigree A Rambo X B Storm X 0
Date of Birth
Polled Status
Pedigree Loyalty
Bull Description

Top 1% of the HE breed for Replacement*-* Terminal and Carcass Weight – Rambo 475 is a proven sire producing animals with very high performance – Calves are extremely lively at birth

10.00 inc VAT

Qty: Each unit is one straw of frozen bull semen
Delivery: Delivery to your own farm flask, if DIY AI licence, or to your local AI Technician. Delivery usually 1-2 weeks.
Index Rel Comment Calving Risk
DBI 37 79
Beef Value
Calving Value
Dairy Cow Cdiff 6.69 90 V High
Dairy Heifer Cdiff 15.43 51 Average
Star Rating
(Within Breed)
Economic Indexes May 2020 € value per progeny Index Reliability Comment Star Rating
(Across all beef breeds)
Replacement Index €188 68 High
Terminal Index €86 72 High
Dairy Beef Index €37 79
Star Rating
(Within Breed)
Key Profit Traits Index Value Trait Reliability Comment Star Rating
(Across all beef breeds)
Expected Progency Performance
Calving Difficulty Beef Heifers (%3 & 4) 11.91% 68 High
Beef Cows (%3 & 4) 3.73% 88 V High 4,923 Records (Beef)
Gestation Length (days) -1.94% 98 V High
Docility (Scale) 0.13 78 High
Carcass Weight (Kg) 16.5 kg 76 High
Carcass Conf. (Scale 1-15) 0.78 scale 68 High
Expected Daughter Breeding Performance
Daughter calving difficulty (%3 & 4) 5.98% 69 High
Daughter milk (kg) 13.1 kg 70 High
Daughter calving internal (days) -6.5 days 45 Average

ICBF Proof Date: 26-JAN-21