Thinking of Syncing?

Thinking about Syncing in 2021?

Synchronization has gained in popularity over recent years, thanks to reliable programs and the desire for labour saving. It offers many advantages:

  • Reduced labour as all animals can be bred in one day
  • Get heifers bred quickly so they can be moved to outfarms
  • Reduced need for heat detection
  • Suits part time farmers, especially in sucker herds

elements to ensure it is successful:

  • Synchronisation should only be used in herds where breeding results have historically been good
  • Heat detection aids should be used
  • All vaccinations/boosters/minerals that are to be used should be given well in advance of the breeding season. Avoid, if possible, stressful events during the period
  • Heifers must be well grown and ideally cycling previously
  • Cows must should be on a rising plane of nutrition, not under conditioned and free
  • from ill health
  • Cows should be at a minimum 40 days calved, if she had a difficult calving or retained placenta she may need longer or examination by a professional
  • Once the heat has been established use a competent inseminator