Checklist for 2021 Breeding Season

Are you ready for Breeding2021?

The 2021 breeding starts soon. Its time to look at the checklist.

  1. Make a plan for your heifers. Consider synchronization, click here to find out more
  2. Make a plan for heat detection.
    1. Order tail paint or scratch cards, check out some options here
    2. Get your vasectomized bull sorted now.
      1. Consider Moocall Heat & check out this special offer
  3. Check out the fresh semen program, all technicians will have the highest EBI sires available. Click For More
  4. Start recording heats. Ask your technician for a herd book or breeding chart.
    1. Check out Agrinet HerdApp to record heats on your phone plus automatic due-to lists, drugs, registrations, movements & lots more. see for details
  5. Order your sexed semen if you are planning to use it on heifers Click for Info
  6. Talk to your local rep about the high DairyBeef index sires to add value to your beef calves while ensuring easy calving.