Fresh Semen Program 2024

Our Fresh Semen Program begins on 24th April 2024.

This program allows us to deliver the best genetics to our customers in the highest quantities which helps to ensure that farmers increase their profitability & sustainability through improvements made in genetic merit.

All technicians should be aiming for usage 90%+. Each Technician’s usage is being monitored & any technician over-ordering will have their delivery reduced to avoid wastage.

Recording the serve on the new AI Handheld you only need to select Fresh as the straw type when entering the insemination. You enter Bull code and will be given the option to select Fresh. If Fresh option does not appear please contact the AI office.

Orders will be taken 3 times a week (4 times on those Saturday Order weeks) ordering days are Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday (Friday on those Saturday days), orders are by text to +353861803937 start your message with Fresh and your order.

See more on Fresh Semen and Handling HERE.

Updated 18th April 2024.