Progressive Farm Program

Highlighting the importance of genetics

The Progressive Farm Program aims to highlight the benefits of using the right genetics and how doing so can improve overall on farm efficiency and ultimately, profit. It will give an overview of the featured farms on performance and a picture of what’s happening within the series.

The programme will feature farmers from suckler, dairy-beef and dairy enterprises. The aim of the Progressive Farm Programme is to highlight the importance of genetics, educate farmers on best practice and display how Progressive Genetics have delivered highly profitable herds throughout the country.

This series will give an overview of each monitor farm and how using the right genetics has and is helping them achieve their targets. The programme will begin with an autumn-calving dairy herd in Co. Meath, before moving to four spring-calving dairy herd in counties Louth, Laois and Kildare – the final part of the series will be with a suckler and calf buyer in Co. Waterford. The videos will give insights from both the farmer and their breeding advisor.

Their breeding advisor will explain how they are helping the farmers to achieve the targets they have set for their herds through genetics.

Stay tuned to Agriland, Progressive Genetics and AgriNet HerdApp for the first episode from the series will be out later week and will be looking at the autumn-calving dairy herd in Co. Meath.

The first episode in the series will be released this coming Thursday, February 22 – with new episodes released every Thursday for six weeks.